Where Did Darci Lynne Get Her Puppets?

Where did Darci get her puppets?

by danieljayrobison | Sep 20, 2017 

I’ve seen this question asked many times and I’m more than happy to tell you! Now you’re not going to find her puppets in any store or even online by searching Darci Lynne Puppets for Sale because Darci’s puppets are specially made by professional figure makers. Many beginners can pick up an inexpensive ventriloquist puppet at their local magic shop or even online by just Googling puppets.  You can find them on Amazon as well as eBay and if you want a figure that is more like the traditional “cheeky boy” puppets such as Jerry Mahoney and Danny O’ Day you can go to throwthings.com.  

But we’re talking about Darci Lynne’s puppets and to answer that question we have to go to professional puppet makers.

In the earlier days most puppets that were used by ventriloquists were the wooden puppets that were hand carved by folks who were artists and mechanical engineers.  Now they would not have admitted that they were but their skills sure showed it.  Today many ventriloquists are converting to the cloth puppets similar to the ones that Darci uses in her show.  

The puppet that Darci performed with were made by Melissa & Mary Ann Taylor from MAT Puppets (Katie & Oscar) , Jet from The Dummy Shoppe (Edna Doorknocker) and Michelle Aquino from Puppet Planet (Petunia). And recently introduced, Ivan, the one eyed alien from Australia made by Barry Gordermer. Some of the b est  in the industry.  While Darci uses puppets from MAT Puppet and The Dummy Shoppe there are quit a few high quality figure makers.  In our menu you will see the tab Figure Makers and it will show you the dropdowns for both Soft & Hard Puppets.  Also many of the puppet makers have reviews on their pages to let you know what to expect out of the quality and experience of buying your puppet.

Every year on the second week in July Professional ventriloquists gather at the Vent Haven Ventriloquist ConVENTion in Cincinnati, Ohio.  We’d love to see you there!

Axtell Expressions 

Axtell specializes in quality latex puppets and is the leader in the ventriloquist industry.

MAT Puppets

More quality puppets by Mary Ann Taylor and MAT Puppets.

The Dummy Shoppe 

Great unique figures by Jet .


The awesome works of Barry Gordermer. 

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