Darci Lynne #2 on Simon Cowell's Golden Buzzer List

How can the ventriloquist community not be prouder? Darci Lynne made it to #2 on Simon Cowell's favorite Golden Buzzers. What an accomplishment!! 

The amazement alone of Simon as he talked about the fact that he didn't believe that Darci was actually singing the part of Petunia because it was so good. The emotion that ran through the audience as well as Darci, Misty and the whole family when Mel B hit that golden buzzer. Most of all, what Darci has done with her life after AGT is something we should all be proud of.

She has brought ventriloquism to the fore front once again and has shown people that we are not just a bunch of misfits but are talented people with the desire to make people happy.

If you didn't watch tonight's episode there were many tear jerking experiences and so many times to be proud of the fact that talent runs ramped and is so awesome to experience.

If you haven't had a chance to watch Darci live yet I really encourage you to check out one of her shows. She is a talent that just keeps getting better and I am so proud of the fact that she hasn't let fame get in the way of her treating everyone with respect. That is a sign of a fantastic upbringing!!

God Bless Darci and the whole Farmer family and I hope nothing but success for them in the future!!!

To catch one of Darci's shows follow this link to see where she is performing in a venue near you. CLICK HERE!!  

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